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For a small town in a slightly out-of-the-way place, Buxton and the Peak District are the subject, or a feature, of a vast number of books. This is largely due to the wide variety of themes it encompasses; architecture, caving, hill walking, history, hydropathy, mineral water, quarrying, spa, theatre and tourism. Below is but a small selection of published works, plus links to websites relevant for those with a curiosity about the area.

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Anglican Churches of Derbyshire 
Architect of Victorian Buxton
Baths at Buxton Spa
Book of Buxton
British Spas from 1815 to the present 
Buildings of England: Derbyshire 
Buxton Line, Pt.2 - Buxton Extension
Buxton through Time 
Buxton: a People's History
Buxton: an English Festival
Coal Mines of Buxton
Coal Mining around Whaley Bridge
Cromford & High Peak Railway
Curiosities of Derbyshire & the Peak District
Derbyshire Privies
Devonshire Royal Hospital at Buxton
Discovery of the Peak District
English Spa 1560-1815 (5)
High Peak & Tissington Railways
Murders in the Winnets Pass
On Foot through The Peak
Peak District at War
Peak District: Pictures from the Past
Peak History Handbook
South-west Peak: a history of the landscape
Theatre in the Hills 


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Langham & Wells
Langham & Wells
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Kennedy, M
Roberts & Leach
Leach, J
Rimmer, A
Rodgers, F
Bell, D
Langham & Wells
Brighton, T
Hembry, P
Broomhead, N
Henderson, M
Croston, J
Clowes, P
Porter, L
Hill, D
Wood, E
McCoola, R

More details on the above books can be found by clicking on the link here.

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